I have so much fun shooting couples.  Especially when the two have such great personalities that add such electricity to the images.  Lashaude and Dorianna are definitely two people who know how to have fun together.  There were moments where I think they forgot that I was even there and those are the moments that […]

Here we have one of my favorite families and good friends the Edmonds. I really enjoy these follow up shoots as the kids get older and the parents get wiser. This shoot was set up at the Pearl Brewery, a good spot for portrait sessions because it has so many unique areas with wonderful lighting. […]

Hello Friends!  I recently had the pleasure of shooting the wedding for Ashley and David.  Two creative souls who’s style could not be matched. These two love birds have actually go way back.  How far back you ask?  College you say?  Nope try again.  High school sweethearts?  Keep digging. Their story actually reaches back to their childhood!  Talk about meeting the love of your life! Ashley and David’s wedding was held at the breathtaking venue Oak Valley Vineyards and one is instantly taken back by its gorgeous landscape.  Rows of green grape vines surrounded by a fields being ran by horses.  The November air chilled the day slightly but the sun still gave warmth to all who were celebrating the day with Ashley and David.  Ashley, the lovely bride, prepared herself while anticipating walking down the aisle to her handsome groom.  The vineyard was busy with workers making final preparations for the rest of the day.  David, the groom waited eagerly to see his bride walk down towards him.  When the moment came Ashley was on full display as the classic bride glowing under the November sun’s golden rays. David’s calm demeanor melted as he couldn’t stop the biggest smile from spreading across his face.  The vineyard rustled with life as family and friends sighed and awed their admiration for the beautiful couple who were about to become one and begin their wonderful life together. 

                Once the “I do’s” were exchanged the level of energy increased as the reception was joined by even more friends and family who had arrived to celebrate the joyous occasion.  The music was timeless and woven into the festivities paying homage to several generations with great songs.  I was amazed at how easy Ashley and David were at mingling with their guest but stealing away to enjoy small moments with each other.  They were even so gracious to allow me to steal them for some portraits.  Another romantic wedding in the books. 

It was a wonderful fall day to have a wedding and it was so much fun capturing these beautiful moments as Brendan and Kelly recited their vows to one another.  The wedding was in a beautifully secluded venue in New Braunfels, TX:  The Chandelier at Gruene.  This was a special event because Brendan, who is an officer in the Army, was deployed no long after they were married and they waited more than a year to enjoy a traditional ceremony.   The weather was kind as there wasn’t much direct sunlight bearing down on us and there was plenty of even lighting, giving me the freedom to shoot anywhere within the ceremony without worrying about the sun casting any wicked shadows. 

The Reception was filled with laughter as both families came together to celebrate the Nolan’s vows and my camera and I had a front row seat to all of the emotion and intimacy.  There is nothing quite like fall weddings!

Hello again friends!  Here we have a beautiful set of family portraits with my good friends O.J. and Ashley.  Their beautiful daughter stole the show and she completley loved being in front of the camera.  I had such a great time shooting these images and the rustic location was the perfect backdrop to showcase such style and poise.  

Hey All!  Here are some of the images from a bridal portrait that I shot a few months back.  I was so anxious to share these beautiful portraits with you all but wanted to ensure that I didn’t spoil the wonderful surprise for the groom seeing his lovely bride in her wedding dress.  This dress by the way is very special, as it was wore by Kelly’s Aunt in 1975, then her mother in 1978 and now Kelly in 2017, Wow!  What a special way to share a bond between generations of family. 

As the 2017 season for my senior portraits has drawn to a close.  I was able to end the year on a graceful note with Emory.  A senior whose past as a dancer shined through her as she posed for each image.  The park was busy that day.  There were many other seniors having their own sessions so Emory and I found ourselves elbowing to make room so that we could take advantage of some of the nicer backdrops.  We didn’t get all of them, but Emory was a champ.  We were able to make the most of what we had and she was defintly the center of attention.  

Meet Celeste.  A Senior who is looking forward to pursuing a brilliant career in nursing. It was another beautiful day in the park and Celeste made a wonderful subject as we took full advantage of all of it’s scenic locations

There is nothing like family fun in the park on a Saturday morning.  Most cannot resist the quiet charm of spring blooming to life in a wonderful open space, and the Calame family is no different.  The best part for me is that I was able to capture all of the fun as they enjoyed such beauty.  They also celebrate a new addition to their family ranks:  a beautiful young lady hailing all the way from China.  I was honored to help them remember such a monumental moment in their lives with family portraits that will last them a lifetime.  See for yourself!!!

Kira:  A Senior Ready to Run the World