I recently had the pleasure of capturing Brendan and Kelly:  A gorgeous couple that one cannot help but fall in love with.  Brendan serves in our armed forces and was away from the love of his life for an entire year.  What a joy it is to see them reunited!  Their love and devotion for one another seems to saturate each image.  There’s nothing like having a great time while dancing in the rich rays of the setting sun.

It’s always fun when you can get together and work with other creative minds.  JJ and Tamisha are both electric personalities, and it shows in these images.  Instead of directing them in their poses, all I needed to do was keep the camera trained on them and snap away.  What a blast! 

I love how each session manifests it’s own mood and that is largely due to the unique subjects, I’m capturing.  Take a look for yourself; what word would you use to describe the mood of these two awesome ladies?

Hello again friends!  Today’s showcase includes another wonderful family that I had the pleasure of having a portrait shoot with.  I usually don’t have to many portrait sessions inside but I decided to spread my wings and the Tucker’s made it a worthwhile endeavor.  Another awesome session in the books!

The holidays are such a fun time to shoot family portraits.  Meet the Edmonds family, a young family who are as fun as they are beautiful.  This is one of those shoots that made me smile during the entire editing process.  What a delight it was to witness and capture such wonderful intimate moments with such a loving family

Courtney King:  Senior Portraits

Check out “A Day in the Park”  with the Verme family.  

The Williams:  New Beginnings