Hello Friends!  I recently had the pleasure of shooting the wedding for Ashley and David.  Two creative souls who’s style could not be matched. These two love birds have actually go way back.  How far back you ask?  College you say?  Nope try again.  High school sweethearts?  Keep digging. Their story actually reaches back to their childhood!  Talk about meeting the love of your life! Ashley and David’s wedding was held at the breathtaking venue Oak Valley Vineyards and one is instantly taken back by its gorgeous landscape.  Rows of green grape vines surrounded by a fields being ran by horses.  The November air chilled the day slightly but the sun still gave warmth to all who were celebrating the day with Ashley and David.  Ashley, the lovely bride, prepared herself while anticipating walking down the aisle to her handsome groom.  The vineyard was busy with workers making final preparations for the rest of the day.  David, the groom waited eagerly to see his bride walk down towards him.  When the moment came Ashley was on full display as the classic bride glowing under the November sun’s golden rays. David’s calm demeanor melted as he couldn’t stop the biggest smile from spreading across his face.  The vineyard rustled with life as family and friends sighed and awed their admiration for the beautiful couple who were about to become one and begin their wonderful life together. 

                Once the “I do’s” were exchanged the level of energy increased as the reception was joined by even more friends and family who had arrived to celebrate the joyous occasion.  The music was timeless and woven into the festivities paying homage to several generations with great songs.  I was amazed at how easy Ashley and David were at mingling with their guest but stealing away to enjoy small moments with each other.  They were even so gracious to allow me to steal them for some portraits.  Another romantic wedding in the books.